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Jessica Says Harvest Is The Best Decision Ever!

“Hi my name is Jessica and this my son Parker and Cooper. Parker has been coming to harvest for about two months, and Cooper has been coming for about a month. I was a little nervous to send them to daycare, seeing as only family has ever watched them, but it truly is like coming from one family to another. Everyday Parker is super excited to come home and tell us about what he is doing and Cooper also very excited, even though he can’t tell us, he has his best nights of sleep when he leaves here. It is definitely the best decision I have every made to send them here Read More→

Gretchen Talks About Her Great Experience At Harvest!

“We have had Maddie here since she was about three and a half months or so. She comes three days a week, and it’s been wonderful the entire time. Communication has been great. We really enjoy the emails that we get every day after she gets picked up. They are great in terms of explaining what she did all day, how much she ate, when she went to the bathroom, any issues, anything that she may need, she always seems so happy when we pick her up. When we drop her off she’s happy to see everybody. We’re just really thankful and we highly recommend this center to anybody Read More→

Wade and Heather Share Their Experience With Harvest!

“Hi I’m Wade and this is my wife Heather, our daughter Brooke has been attending harvest for a few years now. She loves it here, she has lots of friends here, she loves the Lyons family. She talks about daycare every day and all the stuff that she learns here, she is very well educated. We have a newborn son Dane and he’ll be attending here in a few months. Heather would you like to talk a little bit about bringing Dane here? Yeah he will start here when he’s eight weeks and we feel very comfortable bringing him here Read More→