Kennette Shares About Harvest Center For Creative Learning

“Hi my name is Kennette, I have two sons, Lucas and Alexander. Lucas is 22 months and has been coming to harvest since he was 3 months old. Alex is 5 months and he has been here since he was 4 months old. I’ve been very happy with the daycare. When I first started here I came here on a Friday afternoon when everybody is usually most stressed out to see how everybody was acting. And I knew when I walked in here that this was the place for my kids. Everybody was happy the kids were running around and having fun and the teachers did not look stressed at all even though it was Friday afternoon and everyone wanted to go home.

The teachers are great here; they take the time with the kids. Lucas has been learning sign language, he is more interactive with the children. Alex is already learning how to crawl and at the age of 5 months and I think it’s just from being around the other children. Lucas has developed great social skills with being around the other children and being around other adults. I couldn’t ask for a better place to have my kids.” – Kennette

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