At Harvest Center for Creative Learning, we like to build a foundation for lifelong learning by encouraging children to learn through both skill enhancing activities and play. By stimulating creativity and providing hands–on activities for exploration, our curriculum gives 3-4 year old preschoolers the skills necessary for entering Kindergarten.

We strive to provide the highest quality preschool experience where every child embarks on a creative learning journey. A strong educational foundation is built as valuable skills and concepts are taught. and Each month a newsletter is sent home to let parents know what their child will be learning during that particular month.

Skills & Concepts Covered:

* Alphabet (A-Z)
* Shapes
* Colors
* Numbers
* Address/Phone number
* Introduction to sight words
* Telling time
* Counting Money
* Comprehension/Language skills (ex. phonological awareness, counting, sorting and patterning, etc)
* Independent skills (ex. tying shoe laces, putting on and taking off coat, buttoning and zipping clothing, etc.)
* Science
* Socialization
* Health & Safety
* Weekly Bible lesson (teaching God’s love as well as teaching the children comprehension and memorization)

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